The Travel by Kris Book Club

Welcome to the Travel by Kris Book Club - I’m so happy you’re here!

Being an avid reader and traveler my entire life - I’ve come to realize how closely the two are intertwined. Growing up in rural Iowa, books transported me to exotic locales before I had even flown on a plane or been outside the U.S..

I can’t help but think my love of reading helped inspire my passion for travel and led me to working in the travel industry!

My reading style is constantly changing; I came of age with Judy Blume, V.C. Andrews and Stephen King. Next came my love of mysteries and legal thrillers; fueled by John Grisham, Scott Turrow and David Baldacci. The last few years - historical fiction is my favorite genre! In between I’ve enjoyed some classics, survived an expedition with Sacajawea, endured a Russian winter with Anna Karenina, traveled back in time with Claire and Jamie (any Outlander fans out there?!), and cried through Nicholas Sparks books!

In the Travel by Kris Book Club I hope with our book choices we are even more inspired to travel, "meet" others different from ourselves and learn about various cultures! We'll be focusing on fiction books where the destination plays a big part in the story. Maybe it will even influence where you vacation next!

Please know you're welcome in this group! It's all about fun, connecting and sharing our love of travel and books! There won't be any shaming if you don't read one of the books. 😉

Thanks for joining (click here to join The TBK Book Club on Facebook) - I'm excited to begin flipping pages and starting this new adventure with you! 🙂

Until the next adventure - bon voyage!


P.S. A big shout out to my book club in Denver for the years of friendship, laughter, a few tears and for all the fantastic books you've introduced me to!

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