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Travel by Kris’s 2018 Top 10 Editors’ Picks

Drumroll please... I'm excited to announce my first annual Travel by Kris "editors' picks". I was extra fortunate with a travel filled year in 2018... so I admit - narrowing this down to 10 was a little difficult! Also, since I live in a vacation destination - I wanted to include some of my faves…
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7 Reasons Why You Should Travel with Young Children

As my daughter is finishing her first year of college and living away from home; I've been thinking about how travel has affected her life and decisions so far. Growing up in Colorado and living her first 18 years here, she's attending college states away in California. I believe her many travels and seeing so…
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10 Tips for Embarkation and the First Day of Your Cruise

Documentation¬†- Before you arrive at the ship for embarkation make sure you've filled out the online registration with your cruise line. If everything is taken care of it will speed up your boarding process. Most importantly - don't forget your passports!! Luggage and a Carry On Bag - When you arrive at the cruise terminal…
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The Top Ten Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

After working in the travel industry 23 years my best advice is ¬†- you need travel insurance (especially if you have a prepaid/nonrefundable vacation package)! Please note that there are many different travel insurance companies/coverages and not each policy contains each of the benefits on this list. When we work together for your travel planning…
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