The Top 5 Reasons You Should Visit Colorado in Fall

Even after living in Colorado for over twenty years, I'm still discovering things to love about this beautiful state! Visitors ski down the snow capped Rocky Mountains during the winter and tourists flock here in the summer for the numerous warm weather activities Colorado has to offer. But, I'll let you in on a little secret... with most of the crowds gone - autumn is one of the best times to visit!


Autumn arrives early in the mountains of Colorado. On a typical year from mid September to early October the aspen trees start showing off! It's magical to watch their transformation from green, to gold, and then blazing red. There are numerous places for you leaf peepers - some of my favorite viewing places are Summit County, Independence Pass into Aspen, the Vail Valley and the areas around Rocky Mountain National Park.

Less Crowds

You won't encounter the large crowds in most areas of Colorado during the fall. With families back to their school year schedules and ski season not started yet - it's the perfect time of year for your Colorado adventure! With that said - some of the more popular areas like Rocky Mountain National Park and Pikes Peak will still be busy on weekends.


Fall is one of the best seasons for hiking and biking in Colorado! Breathing in the crisp fall air, hearing the crunch of the leaves beneath your feet or tires, and going through the tunnels of colorful aspens is extra special! Be prepared for numerous photo stops. 🙂 Especially on a week day, you won't be sharing the trail with as many people as during the busy summer months.


You'll most likely enjoy 70 degree days, lots of sunshine and our famous brilliant blue skies during a fall visit to Colorado. Be prepared to experience all four seasons on your trip (sometimes in one day! 😉 ). It's not unusual to be in flip flops during the day and bundled up in your puffy jacket by evening. During autumn in Colorado - flowers still bloom in planters, the colors of fall paint the trees and snow covers the mountain tops some mornings!

Active Wildlife

As the animals prepare for winter - autumn is one of the best times of year for wildlife viewing in Colorado! This is the perfect season for a visit to Rocky Mountain National Park to witness the bugling elk! Bear sightings are more common as well, as they hunt for food to fill up on before heading into hibernation. Just this week I walked by moose munching in my neighbor's yard, a fox crossed my path while I was on a bike ride and a coyote was running through a field I drove by!

What's your favorite place to visit in fall? I'd love to hear your stories! 🙂

Until the next adventure - bon voyage!


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