Custom Trips

Do you prefer the convenience of a pre planned trip, but not traveling with a group? A completely personalized travel experience can be yours! Maybe you like every detail of your vacation planned out or prefer more care free days; either of these requests can be yours!

Let me save you hours of research and leave all the details of your trip planning to me! Be greeted at the airport with transportation to your hotel. Trust your hotel will be in a great location and live up to your expectations. Don't wait hours in line to see the Vatican or take in the view from atop the Eiffel Tower, this will be arranged for you. Renting a car or need rail tickets, this can be set up for you as well.

Enjoy the flexibility of traveling on your own, but be totally prepared before your trip. You'll leave for your vacation with peace of mind that everything is taken care of, you're traveling with the correct travel document requirements, and have a local contact as well. With my connections, network of professional travel colleagues, and my personal travel experiences; you and your vacation are in good hands!