The Best Reason to Visit Puerto Vallarta

After road tripping for 6 weeks last spring my husband and I were ready to slow down (I also unplugged from social media for the entire trip and will share my experience with that soon!). Puerto Vallarta turned out to be the perfect fit of what we were looking for in that vacation; to unwind and have no plans! Sleep in, hang by the pool, drinks, sunset watching, dinner in town and repeat. šŸ˜‰ You can read about our stay at the Marriott Puerto Vallarta Resort and Spa here.

Yes, $1 Coronas and fabulous Mexican food is enticing (my mouth is watering just thinking about that fresh made guac!), but by far the best reason to visit Puerto Vallarta is the local people! In all my years of travel - these are some of the friendliest humans I've ever met! From our hotel staff to our waiter who greeted us with a hug and "welcome my friends!" each evening - we truly felt like they wanted to share their city and culture with us. Even the people selling items on the beach weren't aggressive - requiring only a friendly "no thank you" when we weren't interested.

One of my best piece of travel advice is talk to people! It breaks down the barriers of being a foreigner and reminds us we all have things in common. On one of our first days in Puerto Vallarta we talked to a local who was wearing an Amsterdam t-shirt (making it a conversation starter for my Dutch husband!). From Mexico City, he was traveling the world with his band and sharing a passion for modern Mexican music. We became their American fan club and were lucky to see them perform a few times during our stay. 

I loved witnessing how people in Puerto Vallarta have a zest for enjoying life! They seemed to be living in the moment, spending time with family and friends while not glued to their cell phones! We loved traveling there in June (even though the heat and humidity was stifling in the daytime!) as it was more local people vacationing during this time of year.

Interested in more about Puerto Vallarta - click to join me there in an exclusive Travel by Kris video!

Until the next adventure - bon voyage!


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