We just returned from Atlantis in the Bahamas and it was awesome! Kris booked the whole thing for us and she gave us such great recommendations, it is a big resort but she put us in the best accommodation. I know that Kris will guide me on any vacation, I know she knows what I like! Thank you Kris!!!

Joanna Goldin,

Kris not only provides me with great ideas in terms of travel ideas but I rely on her newsletter for advice on pictures, safety and all around fun.

Jeff Petrich,

Kris is our go to everytime we want to take a trip! She gives us great information and lots of options and is so easy to work with! If you want someone who knows what they're doing when it comes to travel, Kris is it!!

Marsha Orr,

Kris is so helpful and friendly! She’s made our family travels a breeze for years! Thanks for all you do, Kris!

Macie Jane Walker,

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