What I Learned on a Foodie Tour in Downtown Denver

A great way to meet people 
Our group size was about 15 people - the perfect number to mingle with others. One person I met said he takes a foodie tour at all the new places he visits - for the sole reason to meet others. There were families, couples, singles and friends on our tour and was the first foodie tour for the majority of the group.

A unique idea for a celebration
My small group was celebrating our bride to be!  🙂 It's a terrific idea for a fun group activity - I recommend for birthdays, Mother's/Father's Day, anniversaries or bridal parties.

Enjoy a travel experience
On your next trip I suggest signing up for a foodie tour! It's one of the best ways to meet locals, learn about different cultures and taste new foods! My friends and I were close to home, but it was fun talking with others in our group visiting from different states!

Try new foods
What a great opportunity to taste different things! Eating our way through downtown Denver - we had authentic Napoli pizza, gourmet hot dogs, fancy cheeses, locally sourced meets, tasty Mexican food and hand churned ice cream for dessert! The portions are perfect sized and just enough walking between tastings. 😉 

Be a tourist in your own city
Even though I call the mountains of Colorado home now -  I lived in the Denver area for over 20 years. During the tour I learned new interesting stories about downtown neighborhoods, jazz clubs and restaurants. It was also fun visiting some of the local hotspots such as Union Station, Dairy Block and the Maven Hotel.

Need a place to stay after your foodie tour in downtown Denver? Click here to read about my stay at Union Station at The Crawford Hotel.

Until the next adventure - bon voyage! 


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