The 5 Most Important Reasons to Work With a Travel Advisor

Personal Service/Your Best Interest

When you choose to work with Travel by Kris you are guaranteed your responses will be from me! No matter how you contact me (text, email, phone call, social media) you can count on a timely reply. I'm working for you and I have your best travel interests in mind. Working with me, you aren't just a number - you are a valued client! I build life long relationships with my clients and also work with their trusted referrals. Based in Colorado; I have clients all over the States and as far as Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Working with Travel by Kris you'll be recommended the best travel companies for your destination, your family and your travel desires. If your reservation is with a cruise or tour company you won't be working with one person - you'll will be bounced around to different people each time you contact them with questions.


I have worked in travel for 25 years and have experienced the progression in this ever changing industry! I started issuing airline tickets for corporate travelers, moved on to specializing in cruise vacations (and large continuing education cruise groups) and to the past decade of planning custom trips, all types of cruises, all-inclusive resorts, and tours all over the world!

I founded Travel by Kris 14 years ago and am affiliated with the most trusted names in the business - Avoya Travel/American Express. You get the backing and legitimacy of a large company - but since I own and run Travel by Kris, you are supporting my small business!

Save You Time

You know what happens with time when you start googling... all of a sudden hours have gone by. Confusion sets in as more information and reviews pop up. My expertise will weed out the massive amounts of overwhelming and conflicting information for you. This will save you hours of frustration and second guessing! Your questions, feedback and collaboration are also always welcome.

A Passion for Travel

Travel is not just a business for me, it's a lifestyle! I love everything about it and my days are consumed with it. Working with my clients, watching travel shows, keeping up on the daily travel news, doing online training, reading travel trade journals while working out at the gym, writing hotel reviews/travel articles, posting travel pics and planning my own adventures make up my days. 🙂 Be inspired and follow along on Facebook or Instagram!

Insider Information

My husband and I have traveled fairly extensively, so I have many tips for you! With my American Express affiliation I have a large network of colleagues who have a wealth of first hand knowledge. After working in the industry for so long I also have many contacts at the cruise lines and various travel companies. When planning your trip - I'll share all my insider knowledge and tips! You'll be prepared with which tours need to be pre booked to skip long hours in line, what to pack for your destination and when to travel to beat the crowds.

Working with Travel by Kris you'll be assured of the best trip and experiences possible - with my personal touch! I strive to exceed your expectations with every detail of your trip! I'm excited to work with you - contact me and let's get started on your bucket list! 🙂

Until the next adventure - bon voyage!


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  1. Hey Kris. I wanted to let you know that I have been following your emails. Thank you for the information and insighfulness. When it’s time we’re looking forward to exploring New Zealand and working with you. Nice picture of the tulips. Looking forward to summer. Take care
    • Hi Gyda - so nice to hear from you! I'll send you an email. :)

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