The Top Ten Reasons You Need Travel Insurance

After working in the travel industry 23 years my best advice is  - you need travel insurance (especially if you have a prepaid/nonrefundable vacation package)! Please note that there are many different travel insurance companies/coverages and not each policy contains each of the benefits on this list. When we work together for your travel planning I'll recommend the best policy and coverage for your trip and circumstances! 🙂

Cancellation Penalties: Cruise, tours, all-inclusive resorts, flights and various other travel packages have steep penalties for canceling your vacation. With most travel companies your trip cost is nonrefundable once final payment is made. I've come to learn that most travel companies are not flexible with this policy. Take my advice and purchase travel insurance to protect your investment! I've seen many of my clients have to use their travel insurance benefits over the years.

Accidents/Illness: Unfortunately kids break bones, elderly relatives get hospitalized and emergencies come up before vacations. I've had clients have to cancel cruises last minute due to kidney stones and my parents couldn't make a cruise one year due to a medical emergency. They've all been thankful to have the travel insurance to claim their vacation cost!

Medical Evacuation: If you get sick on a cruise or trip and need to be transported to a hospital or medical facility you'll want medical evacuation coverage. I've yet to see a health insurance that covers this cost and it's a hefty one!

Travel Delays: When flights are delayed or roads are closed - cruise departures or parts of a resort stay can be missed. If this happens you can claim the portion of your missed trip through your travel policy (also extra expenses incurred due to your delays).

Trip Interruption: Similar to a travel delay, but this happens while you're already on your vacation. For instance - I recently had clients get influenza during their travels and missed a couple days of their trip due to being quarantined. They were able to claim the cost of those vacation days missed.

Lost Luggage: If your bags are delayed or lost during your flight you can also claim this mishap through your travel insurance.

Health Insurance Coverage: Most travel insurance policies include a medical coverage benefit. This can be helpful if you get sick during your travels, especially if your health insurance doesn't have coverage outside of the U.S.

Weather Issues: Some travel insurance will cover weather related issues (hurricane damage to an area or threat of bad weather for example) for needing to cancel or delay your vacation.

Work: Sometimes jobs get in the way of our fun! An urgent unexpected work trip or project needs your attention and you have to cancel or postpone your trip - this can also be a great benefit of purchasing travel insurance!

Travel Company Default: Years ago, I saw this happen overnight with a very popular cruise line! This is one of the biggest reasons I strongly recommend buying a separate travel insurance policy - not the cruise or tour vendor's coverage (this also enables you to add on other parts of your trip such as nonrefundable airline tickets and other prepaid components of your trip).

Thanks for reading! Have you had to cancel a trip or use your travel insurance policy? I'd love to hear your stories or comments!

Until the next adventure - bon voyage!


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