Tips on How to Make Plane Travel More Comfortable

After taking my first plane ride as a teen, I've been a fairly frequent flier my entire adult life. Over the years as plane travel has become less comfortable, I've learned some tricks to make it a little more pleasant.


- Pack wipes and hand sanitizer! I recommend wiping down the tray table, seat buckles and the area around you. I started doing this years ago and almost every time I fly the person next to me asks to borrow a wipe to do the same thing.:)

- Hydrate, hydrate hydrate! Planes are notoriously dry so make sure to drink plenty of water on your flight (fill your reusable bottle before you board). You'll feel better when you land if you aren't dehydrated!

- Make sure to wear sunscreen on your face and exposed skin - those UV rays at that altitude are strong!

- Turn on the air circulation blower above you - the latest research shows this can prevent some germs from reaching you.

- Move around during the flight - take a walk or exercise your legs/feet to prevent any blood clots forming from extended sitting.


- Wear layers for your flight - temperatures seem to fluctuate on planes, so you'll be happy you have that extra sweater or socks if it gets cold!

-Comfy clothes and shoes are a must! I suggest slip on shoes and extra socks for those longer flights. You can easily slip your shoes back on for those bathroom trips and snuggle in your warm socks while you nap (or try in my case! 😉 ).

-Pack a small or neck pillow. For longer flights I take both, the extra pillow behind your back makes those seats a bit more comfy! And yes, those neck pillows look a little silly - but it is easier to try and catch a nap without becoming a bobble head! 🙂

-Have your toothbrush handy and bring facial mist or cleanser. I brush my teeth and wash my face before arrival or in the airport bathroom right after landing. It makes you feel a bit refreshed!


- Even if you only are traveling with carry on luggage, make sure to have a small bag for under the seat in front of you to reach items you'll want during your flight (click here to read My Carry on Essentials for a Long Flight).

- Don't forget something to read, headphones, music, magazines, computer or your preferred methods of entertainment!

-No matter the length of your flight be sure to pack snacks or drinks. You never know when you may have delays on the tarmac and your travel time gets unexpectedly extended (read My 20 Best Tips for Air Travel)!


- When you take your seat, figure out where your closest exit is (sometimes it's closer behind you!).

- Wear your seatbelt the entire flight - it's not worth those bruises during unexpected turbulence!


I'd love to hear your survival tips for airplane travel! Feel free to share them in the comments. 🙂

Until the next adventure - bon voyage!


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  1. Choose an airline that treats you decently from the website to disembarking.

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