My Recommended Travel Apps

The apps I use for travel have evolved since purchasing my first smart phone almost 10 years ago! I've also learned some are tried and true, that I keep using year after year. The app usage also depends on my travel style for the year... am I spending time in Europe or road tripping more often. I hope you find these recommendations helpful!


CREDIT CARDS - Make sure you have your personal credit card apps installed so you can check your charges and report a stolen card (and don't forget to sign up for notifications before your trip!).

VAULT - Hands down this is my most used app (not only during traveling, but on a daily basis)! It's a secure spot to store all your passwords you need to function in life and during your travels.

BANKING - Besides your credit card app, you'll also want to have access to your banking accounts while you travel. Forgot to pay a bill, need to transfer money - you'll be covered if you have your bank app and no access to a computer!

WEATHER  - I don't use a fancy radar app for this... but some of you may prefer that. 🙂 My pre installed weather app on my iPhone is my go to spot for a quick temperature check and to see if an umbrella or jacket is required!

SHARED RIDE - I personally prefer Lyft, but it's nice to have both the Uber and Lyft apps installed to compare price and availability.

AIRLINES - Before your trip - install the airline app (or apps) of who you'll be flying on. Check in online and have the convenience of a mobile boarding pass. You'll also receive the quickest flight updates through the app!

HOTEL - Hotels have made it so much easier to check in and make special requests through their apps.

SOCIAL MEDIA - Sharing your travels probably should have been at the top of the list! Facebook and Instagram are my top two, as I find that's where the majority of my clients and friends are. But, I know my daughter would put Snapchat first! 😉

SPOTIFY - I love the convenience of carrying around an entire music library on my phone! If you download your playlists, you'll have access to listen to them without a wi-fi connection. Love this app (also great for the gym)!

YELP - This was probably one of the first apps I used on a regular basis, and I still find myself searching it often! So handy to be able to quickly look for nearby restaurants or shops.

VPN - It's not an exciting app - but it's a necessary one for your online and personal data safety! Before using public wi-fi, turn on VPN to protect your devices.

GPS -  Google maps is my most used for directions, but my husband is big fan of Tom-Tom. A must for road trips or navigating a new city!


CURRENCY (XE) - When you're trying to figure out how much those Italian leather shoes are in dollars, you'll be happy you have this app! 🙂

GOOGLE TRANSLATE - It's nice to be able to look up short phrases or hello, you'll endear yourself to the locals with trying a few words in their language!

VONAGE - With a wi-fi connection you'll be able to make free international phone calls to any cell or land line (the recipient doesn't need Vonage installed!).

WHATSAPP - If your cell phone plan doesn't include free texting from international destinations, you can text for free with this app (the other party does also need WhatsApp).


GAS BUDDY - Do a quick check on gas prices with this handy app. It's guided me a few extra blocks off the interstate many times for a substantial per gallon savings!

* I'll be adding to this category in the near future, as I'm planning a month or two long road trip this spring! Will keep you posted what apps I use most when on the road! 🙂

I would love to hear what travel apps you use most and recommend - please share in the comments!

Until the next adventure - bon voyage!


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