20 Best Travel Tips for at Airport

After traveling through many airports around the world the past 20 years, I’ve put together a list of my best travel tips for a stress free airport experience.

1. Allow extra time! My #1 tip and best advice is to always arrive to the airport with more time than you think you’ll need. At some point at the airport you’ll probably run into a longer line than you expected or a shuttle that’s delayed. Giving yourself some breathing room will cut down on that travel day stress.

2. Check in for your flight 24 hours prior to departure. Most airlines allow flight check in and/or seat assignment requests the day before. This will allow you to skip the line at the airport. (Most airports have curbside luggage check in or a shorter line if you’re only checking bags, but checked in for your flight).

3. Print a copy of your boarding pass. Even if you have the airline’s app or a mobile copy, it’s a good idea to also have a hard copy. This will save you time if your phone dies or technical difficulties arise. 🙂

4. Check it’s the correct airport code on your checked bags (the sticker the airline puts on). Miami’s code is MIA – but some aren’t so obvious; for example MCO is Orlando. You don’t want your bags going to a different city than you are! I’ve unfortunately seen this happen.

5. Don’t forget your identification (driver’s license or passport depending on your destination)!

6. Make sure your bags (carry on and checked) have your name and contact information in at least two places. Luggage tags get easily torn off during travel.

7. Have your airline customer service number plugged into your phone or written down with you. If you have a problem during your travel day, it’s sometimes quicker to call and make changes than to wait in the lines at the airport (or some airlines will do over social media as well!).

8. When going through security wear your heaviest clothes, coat and shoes. This will save your on packing space!

9. Wear slip on shoes to the airport. I discovered this trick when my daughter was younger and traveling with her. It saves so much time not having to lace up shoes!

10. If you’re traveling in flip flops or wearing shoes without socks – pack socks to slip on as you walk through security. Those floors aren’t clean! 🙂

11. If you’re traveling with a refillable water bottle (which I recommend!), don’t forget to empty it before security. Every time I’m at the airport I see people chugging water in line!

12. After you show the TSA agent your identification and are passed through – if you’re not traveling with children, don’t get in line behind families. As organized as some families are, it just takes longer for them in line. Keep your eye out for the business travelers – they are usually the fastest through security!

13. Be prepared before your go through security screening by emptying your change out of your pockets and removing belts or jewelry. It’s easiest if you dress as simply as possible on a travel day.

14. Don’t forget you’re only allowed a quart size bag of 3.4 ounce or less liguids, gels or aerosols per person. Keep this in an easily accessible outside luggage pocket to take out.

15. At most airports (the rules keep changing!), laptops/kindles/iPads have to be taken out and put in a separate bin to go through security – have this easy to remove from your bag as well.

16. As your bags go through the conveyor belt – keep your eyes on them! Count your bags and bins to make sure you’re not missing something when you retrieve them.

17. After going through security I suggest you double check your departure gate and departure time, as both of those can change quickly.

18. Once you are ready to head to your gate, now is the time to refill water and check your food and entertainment supplies.

19. Protect your identity and information! Wifi in the airport is public… which means unprotected. Be careful using your laptops and phones as your information can be vulnerable. I use a service/app called VPN Unlimited for my phone and laptop.

20. Take your patience! With lines, travel delays, crowds of people – this may be the most important thing to remember at the airport! 🙂

Hope these tips save you time and stress on your next trip to the airport! Feel free to share your airport tips in the comments.

Until the next adventure – bon voyage!


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