3 Benefits of Traveling During Shoulder & Off Seasons

Certain places have become over the top popular in recent years – attracting recored numbers of visitors! Some reasons these areas are experiencing such popularity include social media (everyone wants that perfect shot), pent up demand since Covid, and people placing more value on experiences. There are a few things we can do and benefit from, in not traveling during peak seasons.

1. Limit Extra Hassles

Traveling during peak season can include extras such as; added entry fees, daily admittance limits, soaring costs, and timed entries. 

Almost daily, I see new rules added to some of the most popular European cities. Venice, Barcelona, Amsterdam, and Rome are limiting Airbnb properties, cruise ship docking, and city center visits. Some cities are charging a daily visit fee and prohibiting cars on certain streets. The restrictions aren’t contained to Europe – as Macchu Pichu, Mt. Fuji, and the Geisha District in Kyoto, are all starting to apply visitation limits as well.

The past few years, there are also travel restrictions at some of our most popular U.S. National Parks. Parks such as Rocky Mountain National Park, Yosemite, and Arches have instituted timed entry passes or limit admittance numbers during the busiest summer months. I’ve also seen numerous popular hikes placing restrictions on parking and requiring a book ahead day pass. Be sure to check these things before your summer road trip!

By traveling during off season months – you can reduce these travel hassles (along with helping to preserve these areas). I’m here to help with knowing these details and planning around them for you!

2. Avoid the Crowds

This is especially important if you prefer to not stand shoulder to shoulder with people or in long lines during your vacation! I understand that some have to travel to Europe in the summer… the kids are on summer break and everyone has time off. But if you’re able – I recommend going in another season… you’ll skip the masses of people, higher hotel pricing, and excessive heat. The past couple years – more of my clients are opting to travel to Europe during May and September. It’s still busy; but it’s not during most school breaks when more families are vacationing and avoiding August when many Europeans are also on holiday. I’m here to help you make the most of your trip by pre arranging the details for you!

3. Help Combat Overtourism

The definition of overtourism: the phenomenon whereby certain places of interest are visited by excessive numbers of tourists, causing undesirable effects for the places visited.

Certain places are over-loved for good reason! We all want to take in Machu Picchu with our own eyes, toss our coins in the Trevi Fountain, and watch the sunset in Santorini.

I recently read something that has stuck with me “You’re not stuck in traffic – you are the traffic”. It’s the same theory when we travel to the busiest places during peak season. 

I’m definitely not advocating for any of us to travel less! As you know – I’m passionate about traveling and planning your adventures! But, when possible – let’s spread out that love. Maybe it’s combining your trip to Paris with an off the beaten path or less busy area in Europe – instead of visiting Paris AND Rome (2 of the busiest cities in the summer). 

I hope I’ve given you some food for thought about the benefits of traveling during shoulder or off seasons. 🙂

Until the next adventure – bon voyage!


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