5 Best Tips When Renting a Car

Check on Fees

Be sure to look into the additional rental fees such as; drivers over age 70, drivers under age 25, early returns, one way drop off fees and the cost for returning the car without a full tank of gas.

Inventory the Car

Before you leave the rental agency I highly recommend you thoroughly look the car over – inside and outTake photos and notes of any damage or stains. This will make the return much smoother if questions arise about the condition of the vehicle.

International Rentals

When renting a car outside the U.S. make sure you obtain an international driver’s license (most AAA offices issue those). Check if the car you’re renting is manual (those are more common in countries outside the U.S.) and if it has air conditioning. Also, make sure you know the rules for driving the car outside of the country you rented it in.


Make sure your rental car is covered! Check coverage you may have through your personal car insurance and credit cards. One loophole I wasn’t aware of until my insurance agent pointed it out is “loss of use”. The laws for this differ by state – but in some, car rental companies can charge you (if it’s damaged during your use) while the car is out of service getting fixed.

If you discover your car insurance or credit card don’t offer complete coverage on your rental – Allianz and other major travel insurance companies offer car rental insurance (at much better rates than through a car rental agency).

Loyalty Programs

Besides earning points – it’s worth signing up as members enjoy the perks of a quicker pick up and return. You also have a better chance for receiving an upgrade.

Travel by Kris Bonus Tip:
Renting a car at a non airport location is almost always a better value!

Hope you found these tips helpful!

Until the next adventure – bon voyage!


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