9 New Year’s Resolutions for Travelers

Get a Passport

In my opinion this should be the first on everyone’s list! There’s a great big world out there to explore and this is the biggest step in being able to do that. Gather your documents, make an appointment – it’s a small investment on the return you’ll receive.

Visit a New Destination

Let’s leave our comfort zone and travel to a different place each year! Experience a new culture, meet the locals, and make memories.

Draw up a Bucket List

Even if you don’t have an official list – I’m guessing you have destinations and adventures you keep thinking about. I remember reading somewhere we are more apt to make things happen and achieve our goals if we write it down (I’ve always been a big list maker!). My bucket list is of course destinations… but also things I want to do – like releasing baby turtles into the ocean. Let’s get it on paper!

Live in the Moment 

A few years ago I ditched all electronics and social media (I allowed myself to check email once daily) on a 4 day trip to Mexico. I thought it was going to be difficult – but it ended up being so liberating. I set my phone on airplane mode and pretended it was only my camera. It really forced me to enjoy every moment! Even if you don’t do it for an entire trip… maybe try for a day or few hours at a time. 

Reconnect with a Friend

At some point the past couple years, we’ve all felt a bit isolated. Zoom just isn’t the same as that in person connection. Schedule a trip to meet up with a friend!

Learn Words in a Different Language

I realize learning an entire new language may seem completely overwhelming (it is to me!). Instead; start with saying hello and thank you… or a couple short phrases. Even a few simple words in the local language can endear you to the natives. 🙂

Use Your Points or Miles

Let’s stop letting those collect dust in our accounts! Schedule a weekend trip – book that boutique hotel or upgrade those airline seats. Do you have some accounts with only a few points – donate them!

Keep a Travel Journal

I started keeping a travel journal during my first trips in college… and have done so since. They all look a bit different – some more detailed… different notebooks… but I cherish having those memories and stories written down. It’s interesting to see my observations (and handwriting 😉 ) evolve over the years. I know I would have forgotten so many of those details if they weren’t in writing.

Try a New Food or Activity

This year let’s expand our horizons and taste buds! I’ve never been a super adventurous eater – so my past few trips I’m trying to change that. Take a foodie tour or try a new activity on your next vacation.

This is just a start! How will you personalize your 2022 travel resolutions? 

Until the next adventure – bon voyage!


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