Travel by Kris’s 2022 Top 10 Editors’ Picks

Since the nest is empty and Covid restrictions are mainly removed – my husband and I are prioritizing travel even more. We were fortunate to travel almost 2 months of 2022. Ocean cruising, boutique hotels, city/countryside, international/domestic and river cruises… we love all modes of travel!

Hope you enjoy and are inspired by my 2022 travel highlights!

Epic Hotel Views

Arriving in the dark to our hotel in Budapest…. we had no idea the stunning Danube River and castle views that would greet us as we opened the curtains in the morning (InterContinental Budapest). This category was too close to call – also a shoutout to our view from the Le Ville Hotel & Suites in Dubai. The cityscape and Burj Khalifa views from the rooftop infinity pool were so spectacular my husband and I spent most of a day enjoying it!

Best Souvenir

I haven’t been collecting as many souvenirs the past few years – but I’m so glad I decided to buy a cartouche on our recent trip to the Middle East. The silver and gold pendant… with my name in hieroglyphics is a unique remembrance of Egypt!

Coldest Destination

Growing up in the Midwest and living in Colorado… I thought I knew cold, but Canada – you’re in a different league! 😉 Even with the extreme cold and blizzard conditions my daughter and I had fun in Montreal!  I highly recommend a snowy hike in Mount Royal Park, overlooking fantastic views of the city.

All the Biggest

Dubai – you’re as over the top as promoted! My husband and I shopped the biggest mall (Dubai Mall), watched the world’s largest choreographed fountains (Dubai Fountain), and took in the views from the tallest building in the world (Burj Khalifa). It seemed fitting we did this amongst huge crowds on the UAE’s National Day. 🙂 

New Mode of Travel

Last summer my husband and I took a last minute river cruise on the Danube between Budapest and Passau, Germany. It was our first river cruise and as it’s super popular with my clients; I’ve been excited to try one. We embraced the river cruise lifestyle of slowing down… exploring the local villages, soaking in the river views, tasting the regional cuisine and enjoying the intimate environment. 

Playing Tourist

Authentic experience or tourist trap… maybe both! 😉 But – I couldn’t wipe that smile off my face as I rode a camel ride for the first time in the Egyptian desert. And – he didn’t spit on me, so that’s definitely a win!

Local Food

Schnitzel in Vienna, goulash in Hungary, all the cakes in Austria, Greek salad in Athens, and dates, flatbread and baklava in the Middle East. I didn’t go hungry in 2022, as I tried to get a taste of all the new places I visited.

New Destinations

2022 was the year of new places for me! I stepped foot on 2 new continents (Africa & Asia) and visited 9 new to me countries. I’m fascinated by everything I learned and all the new cultures I experienced while traveling in the Middle East.

Unexpected Highlight

Transiting the Suez Canal via cruise ship last fall exceeded my expectations! I expected desert and concrete wall views…but I was so wrong. As the fog lifted – we were treated to such a memorable day. Cities, pilot boats, cargo ships, sail boats, and lakes – an unforgettable experience that can only be had via ship.

Epic Sunset

During our cruise last fall – my husband and I had the nightly routine of walking laps on the promenade deck while watching the sunset. One day while cruising in the Arabian Sea – the red sun looked as like it melted into the sea. It was mesmerizing to watch and being team sunset… one I’ll never forget!

Bonus #11 – Personal & Domestic

On a personal note – a highlight of 2022 was my daughter graduating from the U of San Diego with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. She also commissioned into the Navy and is waiting to start flight school in Pensacola. Roadtripping to the festivities in San Diego also allowed us to visit new places in the U.S. Palm Springs and Bryce National Park were our favorites from that trip!

For me – a big part of traveling has always been about the people I meet along the way, and 2022 proved no different. A special mention about the guides on our cruise through the Middle East. They were all exceptional and I learned so much from them!

I’d love to hear about the highlights of your travels from 2022 and wishing you an adventure filled 2023!

Until the next adventure – bon voyage!


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