7 Things I’m Thankful for in Travel


All the people I’ve met over the years… colleagues in the travel industry, those I’ve met on trips (I love having friends in so many different time zones!), the encounters with locals while traveling…and last but certainly not least – my clients. I’m so fortunate to have built relationships with so many that entrust their vacations to my planning and attention!


Traveling opens the world up to experiencing so many different cultures, religions, customs – and let’s not forget the food and drinks (please give me all the Greek food… and snacks they serve with your drink order in Italy!). I try to embrace differences – but I also admit it’s not always comfortable or easy traveling amongst distinct customs. Covering my head (and entire body) was a humbling experience for me while traveling in the Middle East last year. 


Many of my cherished, important, and most vivid memories all involve travel. Traveling with my daughter in her younger years and seeing the world through her eyes was priceless! Eating every cupcake in New York City and attending an SNL live taping with my best friend are memories I keep close. With an empty nest – my husband and I prioritize creating new travel memories every year. We love traveling to other countries, but road tripping through Texas and driving through the local football team’s carwash (in our camper) is one of our most fun memories! 🙂 


After each of my trips – I’m gaining new perspectives and viewpoints. It’s a privilege to witness and take a small part in how others live. I hope to keep growing and opening my mind, as I learn about others… and regions different from my own.


Even though I also enjoy a good roadtrip – I’m extra thankful for flight travel! Those marvels of engineering get us to our jumping off points – embarking on a cruise or catching a train in Europe. Even with all the hassles of plane travel (especially the past few years)… it still feels like a miracle to be transported so quickly to another part of the world. I’ll be excited to sit in that window seat every single time!


After studying Exercise and Sport Science in college my career took a detour shortly after graduating. While working as a Wellness Coordinator at a local community college – I started taking travel and tourism classes in my free time. I never imagined it would lead to me running my own travel business (I’m so thankful for those business classes I also had to take at CSU!). Working in travel is my passion and I feel so lucky connecting with others who also have a love for travel! It’s truly rewarding and fills me up!


There are so many things I may have never done, if it wasn’t for travel! Kayaking near the glaciers in Alaska, being part of the crew on an America’s Cup yacht in St. Maarten, and flight seeing with my daughter in Hawaii (she’s now in flight school!). Sometimes the experiences also remind us to just slow down. One of my favorite travel days was in Santorini – cooking and sharing a meal under the olive trees with a local family, conversation and Greek wine flowing!  

I hope this inspires you to think about why you travel and what you’re most thankful for from your adventures.

Until the next adventure – bon voyage!


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