5 Tips for Packing Valuables


My best advice is don’t take expensive or irreplaceable pieces of jewelry when you travel. I recommend not wearing your diamond wedding rings, as this looks flashy in some areas of the world and you don’t want to attract attention from pick pockets. 


I know it’s impossible to travel without our technology… but with a few tips we can keep them safer. If you travel with a camera (other than your phone), I recommend keeping that with you in your carry on luggage and don’t put it in your checked bags. My husband and I also bought an inexpensive Chrome laptop a few years ago that we use exclusively when we travel. We leave the expensive MacBooks at home. 🙂 


During your next trip, make sure to keep your credit cards and cash on you (not your back pocket!) Use ATM’s in banks when you’re traveling abroad… those are the safest locations to not get skimmed. Keep your credit card info/number handy in case you have a card get stolen or misplaced. Also, don’t forget you can easily lock your card (can be quickly done from most credit card apps) when not using. If traveling with a partner – splitting up your cash between you is also advised.


I strongly recommend not packing valuables in your checked luggage when flying. I also suggest putting AirTags in all the bags you travel with; checked bags, backpacks, carry on luggage, camera bags, and purses. It’s also a good idea to have baggage with the RFID and other safety technology (so info can’t be stolen from your cards and your bags can’t be cut as easily).


Make sure to check your insurance policies as to if your jewelry, electronics, and possessions are covered if you’re outside the U.S.You may also have some coverage included in the separate travel insurance policy you purchase for your trips (lost luggage, etc…). 

Hope these tips and guidelines are helpful when you pack for your next vacation!

Until the next adventure – bon voyage!


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