3 Reasons You Need a Bucket List

3 Reasons You Need a Bucket List As I'm on the brink of turning the big 5-0, it's fun sharing this half century birthday with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Apollo II landing on the moon, Princess Cruises inaugural cruise to Alaska, and Boeing's first flight for the 747. Not travel related - but I also celebrate…

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Travel by Kris Visits Maui

Let's go to Hawaii and live aloha! You'll discover why Maui is always one of the top rated islands in the world. In my Travel by Kris video series I'm share my personal travel and destination tips with you! I only recommend restaurants, activities and accommodations that I've experienced firsthand.…

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The 6 Essential Websites Before You Travel All your questions answered about security screenings, what you can pack in your luggage, TSA Pre and all those important details! Also, the MyTSA app is handy to download to check on current airport security lines. Passport information and forms, visa requirements, country information and safety measures are…

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My Recommended Travel Apps

The apps I use for travel have evolved since purchasing my first smart phone almost 10 years ago! I've also learned some are tried and true, that I keep using year after year. The app usage also depends on my travel style for the year... am I spending time in…

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Kris’s Best Travel Advice

1. Pack Your Patience - No matter how or where you are traveling to, trips are filled with things to test one's patience! You will encounter lines getting through airport security, waiting to ride Space Mountain at Disney, or entering Yellowstone National Park during your road trip. Use these times…

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The Royal Hawaiian Hotel

During a visit to Oahu last fall I had the opportunity to tour the iconic "Pink Palace of the Pacific". The Royal Hawaiian was one of the first hotels in Honolulu and has played host to numerous dignitaries and movie stars. The famous pink stucco facade can't be missed from…

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Road Trippin’ to Key West

While honeymooning in South Florida my husband and I decided to take a "short" road trip to the Florida Keys for the day. Leaving our resort (read my review of the beautiful Turnberry Isle here!) with my purse, car keys and our sunglasses we were set for a day of sightseeing!…

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Jeff’s Interview – Chicago

Jeff and I grew up in the same small, rural town of Storm Lake, Iowa. We were friends in high school and have reconnected the past few years over social media and our shared passion for travel! After graduating from college Jeff spent two years with the Peace Corps in Poland.…

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Jo’s Travel Interview

Jo is one of the most well traveled, interesting, and generous person that I know! We met when our girls were toddlers and have spent many hours together scrapbooking our travels and kids' memories. She's also spent a quite a few hours trying to fix my tight muscles (needling!)... as she's…

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A Weekend in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of those rare cities that makes city and nature lovers happy! Surrounded by water and mountains (truly spectacular views!), it’s an outdoor lover’s paradise. The downtown area is thriving with unique neighborhoods to explore, a foodie’s dream destination, and many cultural events.

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How to Travel to Cuba

Full diplomatic relations were established between the U.S. and Cuba this year, making visiting Cuba a reality for Americans! If Cuba is on your bucket list, you can finally check if off! Please keep in mind that it's still not allowed to travel to Cuba solely for the purpose of…

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Just Do It!

One word sums up trying to write this first blog post - intimidating! I've wanted to start writing about my travels and business for the past few years, but the mentality of something must be perfect before starting had won out. I decided I needed to get that "Just Do It" attitude…

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