3 Reasons You Need a Bucket List

3 Reasons You Need a Bucket List

As I'm on the brink of turning the big 5-0, it's fun sharing this half century birthday with Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, Apollo II landing on the moon, Princess Cruises inaugural cruise to Alaska, and Boeing's first flight for the 747.

Not travel related - but I also celebrate with The Gap, Sesame Street, and Brady Bunch. 😉 What a terrific group to turn 50 with!

As I'm reflecting on my travels and life experiences so far and thinking ahead for the next half - I've become more interested in making a bucket list.

When I've already traveled to so many places and enjoyed numerous memorable experiences, it feels a bit greedy to want more. Instead...I'm realizing - no matter what our age, let's keep learning, being curious and having a zest for life!

After reading the official definitions online - I'm convinced a bucket list doesn't have to only include once in a lifetime trips or climbing Mt. Everest!

Bucket List (noun) - a list of things a person wants to achieve or experience, as before reaching a certain age.

There are no rules, so make yours unique to you! I recommend you make different bucket lists... one for 2020, a "master" list, one seasonal, or one for your local area. Keep in mind it's not written in stone and can be changed!

These are 3 of the most important reasons we all need a bucket list:

1. Writing something down makes it happen.

It's like starting your day with a to do list - you're more apt to work toward and accomplish those goals with a plan. I realize not everyone is a list maker by nature like myself - maybe your bucket list will be a vision board, photographs or voice memo (hey Siri! 😉 ).

2.Gives you something to look forward to.

Day to day life can at times get monotonous. It's nice to have a plan for motivating us to break our routine, slow down time, make memories and enjoy life. Maybe you'll even inspire others!

3. Encourages learning and curiosity. 

As I start my own bucket list I realize many of the things on mine are experiences (releasing baby sea turtles, tracking gorillas, surfing!). Learning a new skill like skiing, making pasta or speaking French can also be combined with a bucket list destination! One of my favorite parts of travel planning is incorporating these types of experiences into my client trips!

I hope I've inspired you to work on your bucket list! Please feel free to share yours and I'll keep you updated on mine. 🙂

Once you're working on your list - these thoughts will come in handy - click here to read my best travel advice. 

Until the next adventure - bon voyage!

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