Best Cell Provider for Travelers

This year I’ve been testing a new cell phone service – T-Mobile (BTW – this isn’t an ad or sponsored article). I was a loyal AT&T customer since my first cell phone (also tried a short stint with Verizon in between), but after numerous billing issues and expensive bills after our trips – it was time for a change.

After making the switch in January and testing it out for almost a year – I highly recommend T-Mobile if you’re a frequent traveler.

My husband and I live in the mountains of Colorado and are surprised how good our service is! We have coverage in some areas we didn’t with Verizon. I also upgraded my phone a few weeks ago which has 5G capability (unlike on my old iPhone) – the 5G coverage is an added perk with T-Mobile.

We’ve now tried it out on 3 big trips and are extremely pleased with the results! In May we took a 2 week road trip between Colorado and California and were happy with the coverage. Keep in mind – there are some remote places in Utah where there’s not service, no matter what provider you use. 

Our next test was in August for our 10 day trip to Europe. Our plan (which is significantly less than our monthly fee was on Verizon or AT&T) includes 5GB high-speed data in 215 countries… no daily fee to add an international plan – it’s so easy! We got a text each time we entered a new country informing us what is included in our plan (Canada and Mexico have the same inclusions as if you’re in the U.S.). Our total bill was $5 extra from this trip (we had to make a couple emergency calls to our dog sitter and vet). Our bill would have been $200 with our previous carrier, not including the phone calls.

The latest test was during our recent trip to the Middle East. This is a sample of the message one receives when entering a new country. “T-Mobile: Welcome to Jordan! Your plan includes coverage that gives you 5GB/mo. of high-speed data On Us, plus unlimited texts at no extra cost. Calls are at $0.25/min. Enjoy your stay!” We paid $0 extra dollars for cell phone usage on this trip! 

During 35 international travel days and visiting 11 different countries – we only paid $5 extra on top of our normal monthly bills. 

I realize this isn’t the normal travel inspiration I share – but I’m so excited about this option I want to let all you travelers know!

Until the next adventure – bon voyage!


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