5 Tips for Keeping Track of Luggage

Airline travel hasn’t been easy the past couple years! Unfortunately flight changes, delays, and cancellations have become more the norm. Lost baggage has also become more of an issue – you’ve seen the news of airports with piles of bags not getting to their destinations. There are some things you can do to prevent this from happening to yours. 

1. Track Luggage 

I’ve been using and recommending Air Tags to my clients since my first big post Covid trip in 2021. They are so worth the investment! It’s such a relief when you know your luggage has joined you on the plane and reached your destination with you. I’ve had clients use them and found their lost bags when the airlines couldn’t. I also suggest you put them in all the bags you travel with. I personally keep one in my purse at all times and my husband puts one in his backpack (with all his photography equipment) he travels with on each trip.

2. Label Bags

Don’t forget to label your luggage! I suggest you put 2 tags on each of your checked bags (I’ve seen them get ripped off while being handled!). Include your name, phone and email… but not your home address (don’t announce to thieves you’re traveling). I also recommend you label your carry-ons (in case you have to check it or accidentally leave it behind somewhere).

3. Secure Luggage

Make sure to use TSA approved locks on all your luggage. It may not completely prevent a break in, but hopefully deter one. It’s a good idea to also have a lock for your carry-on as well, as there will be times you’ll be forced to gate check it. I also travel with extra locks and cable ties – in a pinch, those ties work well to secure a zipper!

4. Exterior of Bags

Another bit of advice – don’t travel with black luggage. Have you seen all the black bags coming off the belt in baggage claim?! A few years ago I bought a turquoise set and it’s so easy to spot! 🙂 If you do have black – put a colorful sticker or scarf on it to make for easier identification.

One more thing to avoid on your luggage is anything showing off your nationality. There are some places you may not want to make that so obvious.

5. Misc.

If your bag gets lost it’s helpful to have a copy of your travel itinerary in it (or in the outside pocket). It’s another way for the airlines to track you down easier. 

I also recommend you take a photo of your luggage. On the last leg home from my latest trip… we were able to catch an earlier flight – but weren’t sure if our bags would make it. The airline employee in Toronto asked if I had a photo of mine (luckily I did) and he was able to get it rerouted to our earlier departure. I was so thankful to avoid an 8 hour layover!

Hope you find these 5 tips for keeping track of your luggage helpful! 

Until the next adventure – bon voyage!


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