9 Ways to Avoid Hassles When Flying

Nonstop Flights

If possible, this is one of the best ways to avoid a delay in getting to your destination. If there’s a choice – this is always worth a shorter travel day, even if it costs a bit more. 

Book Directly with Airlines

It’s easier dealing with airline changes and cancellations without having to go through a third party booking site. It’s also less hassle if you are entitled to a refund. This will save you numerous future headaches!

Carry On Luggage

You’ve seen the photos of the thousands of bags piled up (especially at European airports) due to striking baggage handlers and staffing shortages. Pack lighter (you don’t need all those shoes 😉 ), check each airlines’ bag size requirements and have your luggage with you. Keep in mind some items can be purchased at your destination(larger toiletry items, tweezers, umbrellas, etc…). 

Early Morning Flights

Statistics show that the first flights of the day have the least chance of being cancelled. I’m not an early riser – so I will try to take my own advice on this one. 😉 

Long Layovers

If you can’t escape a layover – I highly recommend booking at least a few hours for your connection. With long customs lines – an hour or two is not enough time for an international connection. Also, with most planes flying at capacity it’ll be harder to get on the next flight.

Arrival at Airport

Arrive with twice as much time as you think you may need! Airports are also short staffed and you will most likely encounter long lines(even if you have TSA Pre). Save yourself some stress and allow plenty of extra time.

Airport Parking

Be sure to make a reservation if you plan on parking at the airport. Everyone is on the move this summer and parking lots are full! I’ve heard stories of people missing their flights because they can’t find a spot to park.

Destination Arrival

If you’re departing on a cruise or tour – or have a special event to to attend, I highly suggest you plan on arriving 1-2 days prior. If you encounter a delay or cancellation you’ll still have time to get there on time.

Air Tags/Tiles

Last summer on our first big trip since Covid arrived on the scene – my husband and I put Air Tags in our checked bags. I didn’t realize we’d be such trendsetters, as it’s one of the biggest travel tips of this summer! 😉 For extra peace of mind we also put them in my purse and my husband’s camera bag.

Until the next adventure – bon voyage!


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