Tips for the Busy Summer Travel Season

Buckle up for a crazy summer of traveling, as everyone is going to be on the move the next few months! Europe is predicted to be 50% busier this summer than 2022 and last year was BUSY! Keep these tips in mind before packing the suitcase for your summer vacation.

Plan Ahead

Planning ahead is key this summer if you’re visiting popular tourist sites! To avoid missing out or hours in line, advance reservations for top sites in Europe are a must! If you’re traveling domestically – take note that some state and National Parks are requiring reservations for entrance. Driving isn’t allowed in some of the parks during peak summer season and shuttle buses are required to the busiest areas. Also keep in mind – numerous well known hiking trails in the West need a permit or have lottery systems.

Purchase Insurance

This is always one of my top recommendations! Don’t lose extra money due to travel delays or lost luggage. Guard against losing your trip cost due to last minute emergencies, that may force you to cancel. Travel companies have done away with their more flexible Covid cancellation penalties.

Travel Light

I highly recommend flying with carry on luggage! If you have a flight delay or cancellation it’s much easier to have your bags with you and not have to get those rerouted (and don’t forget AirTags in all the bags, purses and backpacks you’re traveling with!). I promise you really don’t need all those shoes! 😉

Airport Advice

Even if you think you’re arriving early… add at least another hour or two to that time! I was picking up my husband at the Denver airport on a random day in April (not spring break or summer) and the security line was wrapped out to the baggage claim area! Your TSA Pre or Global Entry are handy… but even those lines were still long! It’s also a good idea to make parking reservations a few weeks prior to your departure.

Pack Your Patience

This is important even during normal travel times… but pack extra this summer! The travel industry is still understaffed, there are numerous strikes, flight delays and sites will be over the top hectic! Travel is booming and we all need this reminder. 🙂 

Hope these tips help alleviate some of the stress before your summer travels! 

Until the next adventure – bon voyage!


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