2 Day Visit to Saguaro National Park

Do you enjoy visiting our national parks? Saguaro National Park was the latest one for my husband and I to visit. Located near Tucson, Arizona – Saguaro is one of our smaller national parks. It’s unique as it’s divided into two completely separate areas – East and West Saguaro.

This area is home to our nation’s largest cacti – the giant Saguaro! These majestic plants (and symbol of the American West!) are only found in a small part of the U.S.

When you visit Saguaro NP keep in mind it’s a very small park with limited facilities and staffing. Both days we visited the visitor’s centers were closed (restrooms were open). Take food and water with you as those aren’t available nearby.

On our first day we explored the East part of the park. It was late in April… perfect temps in the 80’s and the park wasn’t very busy. We drove the loop; which is a one way road but paved and in good condition. Be sure to take some of the pull offs as the it’s narrow and you can’t park on the sides.

Wanting to stretch our legs but not do a full blown hike – we walked the Mica View Trail. It’s a nice wide packed dirt path with gorgeous views (it’s also wheelchair accessible).

On day 2 of our Saguaro National Park adventure we ventured to West SaguaroThis side of the park has more cacti, is located in a more mountainous area, and was much busier than the Eastern side. Mind the road when you drive through this side as it’s dirt and extremely rutted. I’m not sure if we were on big cactus overload – but we enjoyed East Saguaro much more

With the blooming cacti, colorful Arizona skies and desert backdrop – Saguaro National Park is a photographer’s paradise!

I recommend visiting from fall to late spring to avoid those scorching summer desert days!

During your trip to Tucson and Saguaro National Park you’ll want to stay here

Until the next adventure – bon voyage! 


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