Should You Print Your Airline Boarding Pass

Yes, yes, and yes! It may sound old fashioned... but follow along as I explain why you should print your boarding pass.

Mobile Not Accepted
Some smaller or international airports only accept paper boarding passes.

Technical Difficulties
Airport scanners, cell service and wifi all have glitches or go down at some point. Printing the pass will save you time getting one at the last minute!

Hands Free
I don't want others touching my phone! Also, not having your phone out is one less thing to juggle going through security.

Special Requests
You don't need to talk to an airline agent to get a boarding pass printed - but if you have a last minute special request or need a seat changed I suggest having them print the pass for you. You're more likely to have your request granted this way! 

I still recommend online check in, downloading the airline's app, getting mobile updates - all the modern conveniences!

Printing the boarding pass is your travel day security blanket. 😉 
Until the next adventure - bon voyage!


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